Public Relations for Hospitality Technology Firms

Technology vendors are the builders of dreams and the architects of the future. It is a long journey and each is unique.

I absolutely love being a part of that journey and bringing to the table the skills that may not necessarily be in your team's wheelhouse.

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My Philosophy

To achieve success, it's important to bring together a variety of tools. The least of which are consistent messaging and brand management across all platforms.

I begin every project with a one-on-one approach to discovery. Using personalized assessment tools, I will walk you through each of the important steps to realizing your business's true potential.

My #1 priority? Your success!

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Next Steps...

To get things rolling, contact me at [email protected]. Please include details on your business including:¬†

  • Your company name and a description of what you do
  • Your Website¬†
  • Best way to contact you