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Photography as a passion - Kim's view...

My career (and some serious determination) made it possible for me to travel to any number of places in the world.  To make it more interesting, I joined up as a "Google Guide" to see what kind of views come from it. So far, contributed photos have <> 100 thousand views. That being said, it's clear the power of the internet on small businesses, or startups, helped along by Yelp, Google and Instagram (to name a few), is increasing exponentially.

Talk to me about how to use photography to amplify your business. I hope these images will inspire you to call and find out more!

All images copyrighted and should not be used accept with express permission from the artist.


Abstraction of any item brings a new sense of wonder and a fresh perspective.

Abstract Images by Kim360PR

Art is magic and if you look you can see it everywhere. Enjoy a sample from my viewpoint.

Art Images by Kim360PR

Always ready with a camera, here's a look at some of the celebrity and community events we've attended.

Event Images by Kim360PR
Restaurants and Food

You can't argue with the power of food photography and websites such as Yelp.

Food Images by Kim360PR

Nature can very often be a big part of your space, both in the store and online. What's in your neighborhood?

Nature Images by Kim360PR

The smiles of your own customers can brighten a day unlike anything else, (except maybe a puppy!) Share them, just make sure you have permission.

Images by Kim360PR

Architecture and landscapes represent the core of local culture. How are you representing your culture?

Landscape Images by Kim360PR