Small Businesses

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Local, sustainable, affordable small business consulting

Kim360PR was created to help small business owners expand their potential and the reach of their brand through affordable business consulting that includes tips and techniques employed by big business to help you with sustainable brand awareness.

I will show you how to implement blended business tools such as consistent messaging, social media strategies and targeted thought leadership.

Whether you're a brewer or a farmer, own a retail store or are a small enterprise, I am dedicated to helping you stay ahead of your competition, affordably and professionally.

What are you waiting for? Have a look at my menu below and then book an appointment...

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Sign up for a free 60-minute consultation to determine your needs and budget. From there we can tailor a program developed exclusively for your business, including:

  • Mission statement and messaging development - Who are you, what do you do best? What problem(s) do you solve?

  • Keywords for best SEO interaction - Can your audience find you?

  • Copy development for advertising and editorial - Consistency is key.

  • Website and social media strategies - What do your customers see when they are looking for your product or services?


PR Secrets

What are the PR secrets that corporate giants employ to compete in a busy marketplace? Understanding and implementing any of the following tactics will give you a leg up on your competition:

  • Content generation - Media alerts, blogs, social media, website

  • Media relations - Make sure your brand is noticed by publications that matter to you and your customers

  • Thought leadership - Targeted content that demonstrates your geniusĀ 


Social Media

Its important today to understand, implement and manage the social media channels that are best for your business. Do you have a consistent look and feel across them all? Let us help you streamline the process:

  • Consulting and assistance - Best practices in selecting and implementing the proper social media channel(s) for your business.

  • Social media support - Building and maintaining an ongoing campaign with effective content.


Next Steps...

To get things rolling, contact us for a free 1-hour consultation and assessment. Like a Swiss Army knife, we have many tools to share. Let us know how we can help you today!